Thursday, April 10, 2014

Best Series!!

 Book 2

       You will Fall in Love!!     
    I was so excited when this book came out!! I had been anticipating Kam's story for awhile, and boy was it worth the wait!! I honestly couldn't put this book down, especially at work! Breaks and lunch couldn't come fast enough. I loved this story from beginning to end, and it left me excited for the Taryn's story!! Shannon didn't disappoint yet again!!
This story is about giving love a chance, and not giving up just because it gets hard! It's also about not letting your past keep a hold of you! It's fun and witty and will have you laughing throughout the book!
You will fall in love with Kam in the way that he cares and loves all those around him! Bailey is such a fun sassy character that at times she makes you smile or shake your head at the same time. I love watching her character evolve in the book, and see the woman she becomes! This story truly makes you fall in love with being in love!
The story had me smiling, laughing, and when it was over a little sad. I am so glad there is another book to follow! I highly recommend this story and other ones by Shannon, they are truly worth the read!! Can't wait for the next ones!!
Book 3
I absolutely loved this series! This book made the perfect ending in the series! I am a huge fan of Shannon's so I knew it would be Great!!

When I started to read this book, I didn't want to put it down! I absolutely loved it!! The story from the first page to the last had me hooked! I actually found myself sad when it ended!

The characters in the book are my favorite! I was so happy that she brought the characters from the other books into this one, it is almost like a fun reunion of friends catching up! I was introduced to Taryn and Brogan in the first book, and I got to tell you I couldn't wait for their story!

Their story was full of twists, turns, and lots of love! You definitely fall in love with love in this one!!

Taryn and Brogan have that amazing chemistry that just makes you fall in love with them as a couple! It was amazing to see the characters grow, and see what everyone else around them saw. I found myself laughing, crying, smiling, and ahhhing throughout this book!

I can't wait for the next series coming out!

You definitely need to check this book, and the whole series out! In fact check out all three series, they are well worth it! These books will have you laughing, smiling, and doing the happy dance!